15 Lessons To Help You Lose Weight With PCOS!

You will start with a quiz that will help you understand how PCOS affects your life.
You will receive 15 Lessons by email, one lesson every 24 hours.
Each lesson will include one or more strategies that you can implement right away! The techniques work for women of all ages.
We would like you to focus on getting long-term results rather than short-term weight loss. You get to decide the pace at which you would like to proceed. We will send you one email every 24 hours for 15 days. Your results depend on how well you implement the strategies included in the program!
At the end of the program, you will have sufficient knowledge to implement a plan that works for you. 
Welcome To The Course :Quiz: How does PCOS affect you? How much weight would you like to lose? 
Lesson 1: Break up with sugar. How sugar messes up your health.
Lesson 2: Effects of Gluten: Should you stop eating gluten?
Lesson 3: Recommended Diet: What should you eat? Is there a PCOS diet?
Lesson 4: Cooking Oils: Not the ones with the heart-healthy signs!
Lesson 5: How much to eat: How to plan your plate without measuring portions. No calorie counting!
Lesson 6: Intermittent Fasting: How to do it correctly. What are Fasting Fluids?
Lesson 7: The Art and Science of Losing Weight: How to lose weight with Hypothyroidism and PCOS.
Lesson 8: Good Sleep: How does sleep affect your weight loss, and what can you do about it.
Lesson 9: Workout: Exercise for weight loss - it doesn't work!
Lesson 10: Stress Management: How to get your stress to work for you?
Lesson 11: PCOS and mood. What can you do other than taking antidepressant medications?
Lesson 12: Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals: Is your plastic bottle making you gain weight?
Lesson 13: Essential Nutrients: Are your medicines depriving you of valuable nutrients.
Lesson 14: Supplements: Which supplements may help your PCOS?
Lesson 15: Towards a Healthy and Happy Future: Bringing it all together.


“I didn't feel hungry on this program! It is brilliant! I lost 10 kilograms over 3 months and I have kept the weight off for more than 1 year” — KD, Age 33, India 

No calorie counting, no measuring cups and kitchen scales, no fixed menus!” — AS,Age 27,India

“My "brain fog" has disappeared! My mood and energy are sooooo much better!I lost 9 kilograms and it is mostly belly fat. I haven't gained any weight even after 8 months. This Program fits my life very well” — SG, Age 37, India

“I had no idea my prescription medicines were getting in the way of my weight loss!This simple program helped me lose weight and improve my mood without medicines!” — SS, Age 23, Canada

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