Living With PCOS The Tiny Habits Way

Add new healthy habits
and maintain healthy behaviours without

extreme motivation and will force!

What is included in the program?

  • One-on-one Zoom call with Dr. Kar
  • A copy of the book Tiny Habits by Dr. BJ Fogg PhD
  • Two Weekly Webinars. It may be extended if necessary
  • Free course PCOS Clarity : A Lifestyle Approach

A one-on-one Zoom call with Dr. Kar to understand your health goals and create your personal strategy. 

A copy of the New York Times bestselling book Tiny Habits The Small Changes That Change Everything by Dr. BJ Fogg, PhD.

Dr. Fogg is the head of the Behaviour Design Lab at Stanford University. The Tiny Habits method is based on his research.

This program is based on the book.


Weekly Webinars for 2 Weeks.

Week 1.

  • What is the Tiny Habits Method
  • How to create habit recipes
  • How to overcome unhelpful habits.

Week 2.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Q and A on PCOS and Tiny Habits.

More webinars will be scheduled if Dr. Kar thinks they are necessary.

Access to FREE Course PCOS Clarity: A Lifestyle Approach.

17 Lessons that include

  • Your relationship with food
  • PCOS Diet
  • PCOS Weight Loss
  • How to improve your mood 
  • PCOS Supplements

What People Are Saying

"Doing this course allowed me to think about my life differently. Rather than going for the bigger goal and losing interest, I can set up tiny habits to become permanent habits."

- DR

"I've been surprised by how much happier and more positive I am about life in general.

Thank you!"



"There are all sorts of self-help techniques out there, but Tiny Habits is truly actionable, engaging and based on solid science."




"This is just a great new adventure.

My approach to habit formation has been changed forever."

Thank you!"


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